1. At least one parent/guardian must view a video presentation at school for all 4th-12th level students.

2. At least one parent/guardian must visit the Academy.

3. Parents and students must read the parent student handbook thoroughly.

4. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must call the school office to request an interview (both parent/guardian and pupil) with the principal.

5. Application and all enrollment forms, including immunizations, birth certificate and a medical history form must be completed in full and submitted to the school office at the time of the interview accompanied by registration fee and previous report card, where applicable.

6. Parents must have their pastor to complete the pastoral recommendation and have the pastor submit the recommendation to the academy. This is applicable to children ten (10) years and older.

7. All students ten (10) and older are required to write a short essay on why they want to attend the school.

8. All parents/guardians are required to submit a short essay on why they believe it is God’s will that their child be educated at Grace Christian Academy.

9. Parents will be notified of acceptance in writing and via phone.

10. Parent Orientation must be attended by at least one parent/guardian.

11. High School students desiring to enter the 11th level will be accepted by special consideration from the administration. 12th level students will not be permitted to enroll unless they are transferring from an A. C.E. school.